TNB Naturals The Enhancer

The Enhancer

Just Add warm water and Shake (must be warm)
Hits the Highest PPM's In The Industry
Emits No Heat
Maximize Your Crops Yield
All Natural and Easy To Use
Improves Overall Plant Health
Eliminates Dangerous Propane Burners
3 Year Shelf Life
RRP 26.00

CO2B: TNB The Enhancer 1 bottle You Must Signin To See Prices
Refill pack

TNB Enhancer refill pack

Recharge your TNB enhancer bottle with another 2-3 weeks of easy Co2.
RRP 14.99

CO2BR: TNB Enhancer refill each You Must Signin To See Prices
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TNB The Enricher

TNB Enricher and plant corrector

Available in 500g & 1000G

Helps with seed germination and clones
Promotes stronger, greener, healthier plants
Corrects leaf yellowing, leaf curl, and rust spots
Activates numerous plant enzymes
Increases essencial oils and resin production
Reduces risk of flower rotting
Strengthens plant cell walls and reisitance
Inceases flavour and aroma

ENRICH500 The Enricher 500g You Must Signin To See Prices
ENRICH1000 The Enricher 1000g You Must Signin To See Prices

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