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Perlagro is a new brand of plant mediums on the market with a full range of mediums for soil, coco and hydro gardening.  The first thing you notice when using these mediums is how light and airy the products are, the COCO FLOR 50L only weighs 18kg which is a good indication.  When opening the sack you find a light and fluffy substrate which is very clean with virtually no moisture, it looks different to other brands.  Perlagro dry and screen their mediums before bagging which produces a very light medium of consistent size, this is key to growing extensive root systems.  This structure holds many small pockets of oxygen while absorbing moisture evenly throughout the growing container.  It provides plenty of room for roots to develop fully with the right amount of moisture and less chance of over watering.

Perlagro Soils

Light mix Extremely light and airy soil medium with an EC 111 and PH 111, slightly less than other light mix brands but the earlier use of mild nutrition encourages cuttings and small plants to start growing faster.  The light and fluffy structure helps them develop extensive root systems ready for re potting.

Bloom mix is a pre-fertilized premium soil for flowering plants EC 1111 and PH 1111. It has the same light and airy structure as light mix but is pre-fertilized with flowering nutrients and flower boosters.  These slow release nutrients are made available as the plant develops through out the flowering phase and no nutrition is required for the first 2-4 weeks (depending on the size of the pot and plant), half strength from then on.  You can still use other additives but be careful not to over feed.

Bloom mix Extra

Perlagro Coco


Coco PER


Perlagro Additives

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