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Perlagro Lava Coco

Lava Coco is made from 100% coconut peat and Lava rock.

It is an organic culture medium, with added nutrients which make it ideal for beginners.  Its light and airy structure produces excellent root systems which support rapid growing, healthy plants.  The added Lava Rock not only adds air to the mix but also provides a place for living bacteria to exist while colonizing the root zone.

Its homogeneous structure is free of pests, parasites and diseases. 

Even after several crops it remains a suitable structure to be reused.

It is increasingly popular among growers who decide to grow under ecological techniques.


100% Coconut peat screened and double washed


Substrate benefits:

It is a useful substrate for indoor and outdoor crops. It is suitable for germination, pot cultivation, soil cultivation and cutting.

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