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Pearl Nutrients Amino Blast

Amino Blast is an organic, animal based energy source for plants.  Thanks to it's low molecular weight it is taken up, transported and utilized quickly by the plant.  The high content of Amino acids increases the plants resistance to abiotic stress conditions. It's free amino acids and short chain peptides produce the best vegetative and regenerative development of the plant with it's chlorophyll synthesis, fertility, enzyme activating and chelating effect.  It also increases microbiological activity in the soil.  By creating a stronger root structure with it's soil regulating feature it enables the plant to to benefit from nutrients more effectively

How to use

Always shake the bottle before use!

Add 2 ml of Amino Blast to 1 L of solution. To ensure maximum dilution Pre mix in 1 L of warm water first and then add to the solution. Use once a week from the 3rd week of the vegetative stage until the 4th week of the flowering stage. 


Store in a cool, dark place between 7 and 30 Celsius.

Not for human consumption.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wash hands with water if necessary.

Available in 250ml, 1L and 5L


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